Who is this guy?
current profile picMatthew Kilanowski is a father, amateur writer and musician, and former teacher living in Hopkins, MN.  Currenlty, he occupies his time mostly by raising his two young children, along with various sporadic fits of odd jobs, being the CEO and Executive Director of Chops, Inc. Drum & Bugle Corps, and generally attempting to hit above his intellectual weight. On his spare time you could potentially find him reading the newspaper (a real, printed copy, even!), working to improve his 70+-year-old house, cooking the food he plants in his garden, waiting in anticipation for Trivia Weekend, or settling down with a nice glass of single-malt whiskey or homebrewed beer to watch the world go by.

You can contact Matthew via e-mail at matthew (at) kilanowski (dot) us.

What is his purpose for doing this?
mvc-024sThe short answer is that Matthew just likes to write.

The long answer is that he typically writes without an audience, jotting down ideas and hacking out musings and stories in his own little corner of the world.  This blog is where he just throws some of those ideas out there in the hopes that someone listens and, perhaps, responds.  Yes, I am fishing for comments, so go ahead and scroll down to the bottom of the posts’ pages and leave your own two bits.  Why else would I share?

A more detailed answer can be found on my first post.

Isn’t the title of the blog rather conceited?
oldWell, yes, but there’s a history to it.

The title “King’s Corner” has been in use by Matthew since his days in high school.  Some time ago, he was the editor of an amateur magazine (zine) called the Non-Conforming Conformists’ News.  The NCC News saw a 25-issue run throughout high school and college, and while the zine is long gone with little hope of being resurrected the editor’s commentary lives on through this blog.

The title also harkens back to Matthew’s usual web handle and the title of his former blog on Xanga, “CallipygianKing”.  It seems to be a unique username, so if you find that name registered somewhere, you’ve most likely found Matthew.

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