Separation anxiety

Or, I should say, lack thereof. My daughter started Kindergarten this week, certainly a big turning point in her life. Our lives. She isn’t around in the mornings anymore and it’s just me and her little brother. The two guys against the world, and my big girl is off to Kindergarten. Kindergarten! She loves it! She’s excited to be there every day, and she loves it! So much, even, that she was a little sad when I said that it’s now the weekend and she gets two days off (but it’s okay now since I explained her mother also has two days off from work).

The one question I get frequently when talking with people is, “Isn’t it hard to let her go?” My answer is, quite clearly, “No.” No, it is not hard for me to put my daughter on a bus every morning and send her off to school. No, it is not hard for me to entrust her well being and education to the staff. I am a trained educator, a professional on hiatus from my trade sending her off to be in the care of other trained professionals. And I’m a stay-home father. My job isn’t just to babysit my children all day, to be the supervising adult in their lives and they romp about. I am their father, and with my wife we are their first teachers and the most important teachers they will ever have.

If she’s not ready for Kindergarten, then I haven’t been doing my job.

This parenting thing, it’s work. It’s hard work if you’re doing it right. I don’t take it lightly. So, no, it’s not hard to release my daughter into the wild unknown of Kindergarten. The hard part has been making sure she’s ready to step up and do it, to be excited about it, and to want to excel at it. And it’s all just one big step to that ultimate goal of her going off into the world and making something of herself on her own. So, no, it hasn’t been hard at all to let her go off to Kindergarten. Not hard at all.

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