The World returns to Minneapolis (and I return to blogging)

This is the newspaper ad that got my wife to squeal with glee.

It’s back! What? Oh, yeah, I suppose I could be speaking of the author of this blog (and I promise I’ll get around to posting a “What I did on my summer vacation”), but that’s not what all the hubbub is about around our house. No, I speak of one of our favorite chain stores, World Market, who left the Minneapolis area a couple years ago when they realized the folly of building all their stores next to other chains with similar products in an already saturated market. Last week they returned, and my wife and I couldn’t be more excited.

The map on our wall says we’re worldly. The receipt says we got the map on clearance at Barnes & Noble.

Wait, what? Aren’t I against chains or something? Yeah, well, despite what I may have said in the past, there is such a thing as living within our means, and that means we need to economize. You know, buy things on the cheap, and as much as I adore the local shops, buying from local artisans doesn’t come cheap. We are, after all, raising two kids on one income, so all that “worldliness” that I have comes from British news magazines and tuning in to the Travel Channel is a bit of a fantasy. Plus, most everything is made cheaply and shipped in from thousands of miles away anyway nowadays, so why not shop at the place where such a normal thing is marketed as “exotic”? It makes us feel special.

It could be a hand-painted piece of Japanese art, but it’s just some mass produced print from World Market.

So, World Market has decided to return to the Minneapolis area, and for them I say, “Thank you.” Thank you for allowing us the opportunity to put up the appearance of being cultured and well-traveled. Thank you for providing an inexpensive outlet for the Asian prints and African statuary that adorn the shelves in our house. In the grand scheme of things, we could elect to purchase plane tickets instead of diapers. but that would just get messy. Not that we’d be in the country to deal with it, though, am I right?

Kitschy Scandinavian folk art? Well, no… Ikea.

Yes, World Market is back. I’m back, too. And life can continue on as it was, with me picking up intentionally foreign foodstuffs and goods (instead of faux non-foregin items like my phone that was made in China but instead proudly sports a “Designed in California” stamp) and you reading, with less irregularity, all that I have to randomly spew. It’s good to be back. And here’s a couple more pictures, just because I had too many for this post.

My kid thinks it’s a handmade craft from Santa. Nope… World Market.

Another World Market gem, a seemingly African carving of a woman holding up her child. This was a Mother’s Day gift for my wife.

No, really, we are world travelers. We did fly overseas once. And we’ve been to Canada… that’s technically foreign travel.

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  1. ChrisBear
    December 4, 2012 at 7:18 am

    Good to see a post again 🙂

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