Doing something right

It’s one of those moments where I just know I’m doing something right as a parent. I was reading the Dr. Seuess/ Theo. LeSieg classic Come Over to My House, and it was pretty close to the end (pages 58 and 59) where these lines are found:

“Some houses are rich, filled with silver and gold.”

“And some are quite poor, sort of empty and old.”

Before I could turn the page, my daughter interrupted me with, “Daddy, they’re not poor. They have a bowl of fruit on the table!”

I was floored by the comment. My child, at three and a half years old, can identify what is truly important in this world. She was unimpressed by the fancy, gilded home on the previous page and instead scoffed at the idea that the house labeled “poor” was, in fact, poor. And it’s all because she believes that, as long as a family can afford to have a bowl of fresh fruit sitting out, a family isn’t poor at all. In one simple statement, she was able to convey the concept that material wealth is inconsequential compared to the wealth given by the ability to nourish your family.

I’m so damn proud of that girl. She’s going to do all right in this world.

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  1. Kim
    October 6, 2011 at 1:24 pm

    What a smart, sensitive girl you’ve got. You and J are indeed doing something right. 🙂

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