An hour’s worth of vacation

I’ll have to start this off with a disclaimer, in the unlikely event that my in-laws actually follow this blog: Honestly, I find your company enjoyable. Really, I do. I may have just married one of you, and I love her dearly, but I am thankful that she came with such a wonderful supporting cast.

I mentioned in my rather lame excuse of a blog entry that I had been on vacation for a time. That vacation was, in actuality, a family road trip out to upstate New York to visit the family of my lovely wife and partake in the party thrown for her grandparents’ 60th wedding anniversary. And while it was a vacation in the sense that we got out of the house and the daily grind for a good ten days, saw some sights, and visited with distant family and friends, well, when one has a child it really isn’t a true escape from everything. Indeed, as an at-home father whose current primary occupation is raising his daughter, you could say that I took my work with me.

In ten days’ worth of road trip, sight seeing, and family gatherings, I managed to take an hour to myself and bike a very short stretch of the Erie Canal. Okay, so another disclaimer: This was supposed to be a group activity. I had spend an incredibly enjoyable and  late night over (more than) a few beers with two of my wife’s cousins, cannibalizing old bicycles found in the garage with the intent of getting three functional road bikes. This was finally accomplished sometime past midnight, but the excessively moist situation outdoors prevented us from our little group ride. (If either of you cousins are reading… THAT”S WHAT SHE SAID…)

I was determined to ride and got an hour to myself to head into Spencerport, a small town along the canal. Where the canal had, at one point, been an industrial superhighway of sorts, it’s now a rather pleasant recreational strip for boaters and trail users alongside it. My only regret about the trip was that I had picked one of the two bikes with rather skinny tires, so when I hit the dirt path that was still muddy from the previous day I was slowed greatly and ended up not making it as far as I had wanted to travel.

Oh, well. What follows are photos of my hour-long vacation:

Spencerport, NY wayside trail rest. The white building across the canal is a restaurant that we almost went to that has a boat dock for customers arriving aquatically.

Trimmer Road Bridge, the point at which I turned back. It wasn’t far down the canal, but in my defense over half of my ride was just getting to the canal.

The main bridge through Spencerport.

The same bridge, only closer. It has a corrugated steel deck that sounds neat under the wheels of bicycles and cars alike. It also raises to allow boats under, but I was not treated to a viewing of this.

If you make it to Spencerport, stop at their small, independently owned coffee shop, Cafe Macchiato. Excellent atmosphere, great coffee, and it’s a treat to see the owner’s kids show up after school and help. And do not use the door on the left under the big sign, use the door on the right. It is, they assure you, not the door to the coffee shop.

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