Giving a crap about dads

UltrasoundFor those not in the know (and if you’re just a random reader and not a “friend” on Facebook, a follower on Twitter, or someone I actually talk to in real life, how could you know?), my tenure as primary caregiver is getting an extension in June. That’s right, the kid is getting herself a baby brother (pictured at left), which means that I have to go back and remember all the little baby tips and tricks I had learned via hearsay or experience as well as adapt them to boyhood. Apparently one has to be ready with a shield of some sort when changing diapers. But one thing that won’t change about changing is the frequent difficulty in finding a location to make the change.

I’m talking about diaper changing stations, here. It’s those plastic fold-out tables that seem to be all over public restrooms these days. They are a Godsend for parents whose little tykes have just filled their diapers with a fresh, steaming load of you-know-what. Having one of those in the restroom means that we don’t have to subject ourselves to laying our babies out on less than sanitary restroom floors.

The only trouble is that they’re not everywhere, at least not everywhere that one would expect them to be. If you’re a business that attracts families, like restaurants or coffee shops or bookstores or the like, then not having them in your restrooms are a surefire way to have some displeased parents. Personally, I’m understanding if a place doesn’t have them. They’re usually small businesses, local places that just don’t frequently toss money into rehabbing their facilities.

But what really burns me are the places where the changing tables are only in the women’s restrooms. I mean, come on! It’s insulting to assume that it’s just the mothers that are out with the kiddies, or that if the whole family is out then it’s Mommy’s job to change the diapers. It’s frustrating to know that, while I’m hunched over on the floor of some dingy stall, there’s a back-saving, sanitary changing table inaccessible to me because in my family the one that gives birth to the kids isn’t the one staying home during the day to raise them. Gee, it’d be nice to use it, but I guess I left the kid’s mother at her office today.

If you just happen to be one of these business owners, or if you know of one of these offenders, please bring it up. Spend the $200 to get a changing table mounted to the wall in the men’s room. It’s not the 1950’s anymore… Dads change diapers, too.

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  1. January 31, 2011 at 1:11 pm

    I especially like your post title. 🙂 And you’re right, of course.

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