What fresh new hell is this?

Okay, so I stole the title from The Same Rowdy Crowd, but it’s a good title.  It’s fresh, it’s new, and I could just as well be putting you through an unimaginable amount of hell if you happen to follow this blog.  The thought is that I have some belief that I may have some sort of intelligent ideas and commentary to contribute and that I can do so on a regular basis.  But I’ve thought this before, and this previous attempt at a blog didn’t seem to be much more than short, glamorized tales of debauchery from my college days.  The tales didn’t ever get much better, but they did eventually got longer.

Hopefully you’ll get used to my tendency for self-depreciation.

One aim is to write and share my views and interpretations of news and issues that affect us here in the Minneapolis area (or just in cities in general), Minnesota, and/or the United States.  Most likely I will drift off onto a tangent or two (or three), but that is almost expected when one enters into a writing project with few hard, fast rules.

Another is for this to be an outlet for my creative writing.  On occasion, I will post snippets of fiction.  Possibly you will get a taste of a longer piece I’m kicking around (something guaranteed during NaNoWriMo), or possibly you will be *cough* treated to a complete tale of diminutive proportions.  On rare occasions I shall punish you with the horrible spectacle that is my poetry.  And you, dear reader, will sit back and take it.

Here’s what I’m offering to you, the reader: 

  • Some level of quality to my posts.  Quick sentences and snarky blurbs about my personal life are more fitting for Facebook, and if that’s what you want, well, you can try adding me as a “friend” on that site..  If you’re going to commit your time and attention to my writing here, you deserve to have something of substance to read.
  • Some level of relevancy to you.  In not so elegant terms, I want to care about what I write as well as have you care about what you read.  I will most likely write from the perspective of a college-educated city-dweller with progressive political leanings because, hey, it’s who I am.  But I’m also not below pandering to the masses, should there be any masses that ever read this.  If you see something you like, speak up and I’ll most likely give you more on those lines.  Engage me in the comments and I’ll try and make it worthwhile for both of us. 
  • Some level of regularity to my posts.  I could try to quantify this promise in some form, but such a statement would be arbitrary and unbinding.  An empty promise to you and myself, if you will.  Oh, heck, let’s throw a number out there anyway.  I think I could reasonably put out two or three posts a week and still maintain my other two offers, as a start.  A word of warning, though: You may be subjected to recycled posts and writings from earlier blogs I’ve maintained, as well as other sources.  You will be warned as such.

And now, to quote the late, great George Carlin, “I have no real ending for this bit, so I’ll just take a bow.”

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